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Excursion diary - From the Woods to the Castle, Ligurian Paths Day 2021

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Trust is good ... Trusting the Guide is better!

Sunday 03 October 2021: this is the story of a special excursion, a truly unique Sunday. In the narration of our experiences, the main protagonists are always the participants, because with their characters, smiles, their own testimonies, from time to time they form unrepeatable groups and contexts. This time, however, there are added values, and a turning point for, a two-step step with you with determination and with a smile.

But let's go in order: Sunday was entitled "From the woods to the castle", an experience that therefore included a pleasant walk along the green path of Campo Ligure and, subsequently, a visit to the Spinola Castle, in its historic center. The event was organized as part of the Ligurian Paths Day 2021, therefore in recovery from the previous weekend due to bad weather.

Also this Sunday the weather did not promise sunshine, but, as they say "trusting is good ... trusting the guide is better!" and so backpack on your shoulder, off you go!

The excursion turned out to be a "pink" day, participants and guides included! Along the ring of the green route we focused our attention on forestry and land management: illustrative materials and the environment in which we were immersed were perfectly reconciled to understand the area and its historical-environmental dynamics, which determined its character. today.

Chiara, Environmental Hiking Guide and expert in botany, made us discover the forest, with its October colors, teaching us to look from the whole to the detail, telling curiosities and information, as precious as the drops of dew on the threads of a cobweb. transforming a simple walk into a pleasant journey into the world of plants.

At the end of the ring the last part awaited: the visit to the Spinola Castle, a real jewel of the medieval era set in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Thanks to the precious collaboration with the Municipality of Campo Ligure as part of the "Campo Ligure Outdoor" project with the Department of Tourism, it was thus possible to exclusively visit the floors of the castle and the tower, enjoying from the top a spectacular view of the roofs of the historic center.

Last stop of our journey: the castle's snowfield, inaugurated for tourist visits this summer and ... a real refuge for us!

From here, in fact, the time (without rain) at our disposal has run out; so we go back to the center, all that remains is to greet our special guests with an enthusiastic "goodbye!".

And U.S? Two guides under the water for a "team baptism" to remember!

After all .. "Wet team, lucky team!"

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