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Antonio Giaimo

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Environmental Hiking Guide

Hi, I'm Antonio! If like me you are passionate about regenerating slow journeys on foot but are also addicted to the endorphins that the peaks and running up and down the paths can give, then, I will be happy to guide you on many adventures!

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I'm Antonio, class of '86, born and raised in "an imperious city, crowned with harshness
mountains", as Petrarca wrote when describing Genoa.
The "rugged mountains" have always been for me, that "happy place" where I can run or
simply escape from everyday city life. Wild nature, fun trails and
incredible views are, in the end, just a few kilometers from home.
This love for the mountains and nature led me to become, in July 2023,
an Environmental Hiking Guide. Although, in my parallel life, I am also a
Freelance photographer, specializing in fashion, beauty and set portraits
as well as a vegan, vegetarian, raw food chef, expert in regional food and wine.
Since graduating I have always dedicated a lot of time to work, but I have never given up
to my greatest passions! I have never stopped being an incurable dreamer, a
insatiable traveler and one of those "crazy people" who find in the fatigue of running: let there be peace
physical and mental.
In order to reconcile my passions, therefore, I began to tread the most beautiful European paths.
I crossed Spain on foot on the Camino Frances de Santiago arriving at the end of the
world and I followed in the footsteps of Sigerico of Canterbury along the Via Francigena.
I have discovered that there are no emotions comparable to those felt by reaching
a goal after immense effort and that those same emotions cannot be achieved
describe in any way to a potential interlocutor.
The only way is to make them live.
This is why I became a guide, I want to be able to convey the emotions that only one
path or a summit reached can give and make people understand how a slow journey or on foot,
is the most sustainable and effective way to get to know ourselves and the nature around us!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+39 3283235773

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