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Francesca Ciccolini

Hiking Guide

Hi, I'm Francesca! I have a predilection for the wildlife and traditions of the area. If you are looking for slow-paced, carefree excursions to be experienced with the attentive and aware eye of a naturalist... Let's share this adventure together!

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Hi, my name is Francesca, born in 1976, I have a three-year degree in Natural Sciences (monitoring and conservation curriculum).

Since July 2023 I have been part of the Environmental Hiking Guides authorized by the Liguria Region (L.845/78 and L.R.n.18/2009), a small "dream" in a drawer that I had kept closed for years, with the hope of being able to share mine with others interest in the nature that surrounds us.

My true passion undoubtedly remains wildlife, with a particular predisposition for mammals which, also thanks to video camera trapping, I am able to study and monitor in a non-invasive way.

I like to talk about the return to our mountains of an elusive species, the wolf, trying to give a correct vision of it with a view to possible future coexistence.

The love for the Ligurian "entroterra", the most hidden and wild one, led me to delve deeper and observe with the different eyes of those who walk, forgotten places from which past stories and traditions re-emerge waiting to be told and valorised.

Ready for an immersion in nature? Equip yourself with "naturalist eyes"... see you on the trails!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+39 3475742066

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