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Erba Foresta

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Evento divulgativo

November 11, 2023


Trekking facile

November 11, 2023

Mountains and wolves in the Alta Val d'Orba

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Eco-tourism, data collection, teaching in schools, refresher and in-depth courses for enthusiasts and professionals in the tourism sector.

Discover all the activities that has developed since 2016 to spread a correct knowledge about the wolf for a respectful and conscious coexistence.

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Escursione guidata


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Follow in the footsteps of the wolf ...

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On the wolf

The experience of in eco-tourism on the wolf theme was born in 2016 with a first experimental project that has evolved over the years, up to the current activities in Stewardship with the international project LIFE WolfAlps EU.


The Project 2016-2020

In 2015 began his adventure in Alta Val d'Orba organizing hiking and outdoor experiences immersed in a wild natural setting.


In fact, the mountains and woods behind the Beigua Park preserve a naturalistic heritage of incredible richness in terms of biodiversity.



In 2016 the idea: to propose a collaboration to the Beigua Park Authority that provides for the fusion of eco-tourism and data collection through guided excursions during which hikers become protagonists of research for the monitoring of the species in the area.

Thus was born the project "The paths of the wolf in Alta Val d'Orba", in application of the wolf monitoring protocols tested with the Corem Project .

The data 2016-2019




along the paths

of the Upper Val d'Orba



Paths together on the trail of the wolf

roe deer comp. 2.JPG
Istantanea luposfoc_modificato.png



of wildlife photo-trap captures that allowed the herd to be monitored



collected in photo-traps related to the species from 2016 to 2019

The activities of the Project
2016- 2020


Geolocation of the wolf tracks from 2016 to 2019 carried out with the collaboration of the participants in the guided excursions and video material collection through photo-trapping with photo-trap active all year thanks to the conduct of the excursions.



The trekking program On the trail of the wolf in Alta Val d'Orba   has foreseen:

- Technical briefing dedicated to the biology and ecology of the wolf and data collection techniques.

- Trekking in the Upper Val d'Orba with Certified Environmental Hiking Guide

- Field data collection.

- Viewing of films relating to the area of ​​interest and snack in a local accommodation facility.

2017-2021 Updates and a new project in
Stewardship with LIFE WolfAlps EU

2017 The first update
with LIFE WolfAlps

Over the years, the commitment to a training and constant updating process has been carried out, to provide a quality service and share correct content. The first step was taken in 2017 with the participation in "LIFE WolfAlps for the school", a refresher course for teachers and nature guides carried out as part of the LIFE WolfAlps project.


2020 update

A new update in September 2020, this time to deepen a very important topic related to the wolf: the hybridization between wolf and dog and the related problems deriving from stray and vagantism for the conservation and management of the species .

The update is carried out with the participation in the webinar for the return of the final results of the LIFE13NAT / IT / 000728 LIFE MIRCO-Lupo project on 09/09/2020, with a certificate issued by the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park .

2020 Stewardship
with LIFE WolfAlps EU

In 2020 the Stewardship agreement with LIFE WolfAlps arrives.

Who is a Steward?

In the LWA EU the Steward is that stakeholder who decides to get involved and actively interact with the project because he believes it is in his interest to do so. In the controversial question of wolf human coexistence, each steward is different and there are many ways to "take part", "interact", "be responsible". has thus continued the path undertaken in 2016 by renewing the commitment in the field of hiking, training and teaching for a correct knowledge of the wolf species.


Come and discover the fascinating world of this great predator in the Orba Forest, a dense green expanse that covers the mountains from Monferrato to the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri . On the trail of the wolf you can take guided hikes, observation of nature and welcome with tastings and viewing of videos of the specimens living in the area.

The wildest soul of the Alta Val d'Orba awaits you .


Land tours are held throughout the year on various routes in Val d'Orba and Beigua Park with Environmental Guide enabled, and associated AIGAE Steward official LIFE WolfAlps EU.


Trekking summer and snowshoeing in the winter will allow us to cross the territory of the herd that lives in the colors of the different seasons.


In the basis of the period excursions can be a half-day, full day, day or night and on 4 different routes: we'll be able to follow each time the tracks of the wolf immersed in various natural settings, each with its own charm and its own peculiarities.


The excursions are accompanied by territorial experiences, such as visits to dairy farms, dinners and tastings, watching videos of the specimens living in the area.





- Meeting and technical briefing with the certified Environmental Hiking Guide.


- Research and data recording during the excursion in which hikers will be directly involved.


- Illustration techniques used today for the monitoring of the species.

- Snack with viewing of films relating to the herd object of the excursion at a local accommodation facility.


The excursion is part of the activities carried out in Stewardship with the LIFE WolfAlps EU international project for the coexistence between humans and wolves in the Alps.




- Meeting: 09:00 Alta Val d'Orba (different locations in the Municipalities of Tiglieto and Urbe depending on the seasonal stage traveled - possibility of buying packed lunches in artisan shops-bakeries at the meeting point).

- Duration: Full day

- Difference in altitude: from 150 to 250 m (depending on the seasonal stage traveled)

- Difficulty: E.

- Recommended equipment: layered clothing, shoes suitable for trekking, camera, bathing suit (different types of clothing required according to the seasons).

- Registration: compulsory within 5.00 pm of the day before the excursion.


escursioni lupo

"Beware of the Wolf!" arises from the awareness of the importance of correct information for the new generations. Today's children and young people are the adults of tomorrow who will find themselves having to make important choices for the management and conservation of fauna and natural environments, in a context of coexistence between wild species and rural communities that represent a fundamental part of the our cultural heritage.

Discover for Know,

Know to Protect


IMG-20230426-WA0086 (1).jpg

This experience allows, through direct experience or web link, to achieve a real exploration into the world of the wolf and the relationship with the man, from antiquity to the present day, including the protection, study and human activities coexist with the presence of this large carnivore.


The workshop is developed in 4 modular meetings (it will therefore be possible to carry out all or part of them depending on the interests of the teachers) during which you can interact directly with field trips, from the classroom or from your own homes, thanks to the WEB: dog groups anti-poison, researchers, environmental guides and shepherds will tell their experiences and will make you come into direct contact with the realities that know the world of the wolf and share its daily life, through study, protection and coexistence in the mountain environment.

You will thus experience an adventure through the eyes of those who know this animal at 360 ° and at the same time, thanks to the intervention of a specialized biologist who will accompany you step by step, you will discover biology, ethology, ancient legends, false myths and reality, through the use of multimedia materials in the classroom or online in case of DAD (Distance Learning).

A unique opportunity to see the world through the eyes of this iconic predator: the wolf.




"Beware of the wolf" will take you along the paths that cross the natural environment of this fascinating big predator. It will therefore be possible to follow an enabled Environmental Hiking Guide (equipped with a camera and microphone in the case of DAD), which will lead us into the world of this animal still subject to disinformation and anachronistic urban legends.

- Duration of activity : about 8 hours (from 4 to 8 depending on the number of meetings chosen)


- Suitable for : Primary and Secondary (1st and 2nd) Period: all year round.


- Didactic interest : Natural sciences, biology, environmental education, civic education, history and geography (laboratory indicated for interdisciplinary projects), development of observation skills


- Professional figures : Scientific communicator, qualified Environmental Hiking Guide, Biologist


- Materials : IWB or video projector, Internet connection (in case of DAD).




To bring the participants closer to the knowledge of wolf biology, through correct scientific information that allows the new generations to be involved in a conscious way in the management of the Italian wildlife heritage.

didattia lupo



Knowing the world of the wolf is also important for those involved in eco-tourism and hiking: for AIGAE members the courses are valid for updating with credit acquisition.

The contents are developed in accordance with LIFE WolfAlps EU Project.

Guides, environmental educators or private individuals passionate about the topic can deepen the theme by addressing false myths and realities related to this species.

The courses take place all year round (mainly spring and autumn) with theoretical lessons in video-conference and a final field trip (activity subject to Covid regulatory changes).

The meetings are developed through hints of biology and ecology of the species, elements of communication on the wolf, wolf-human interaction, scientific research and guided excursions.

The aim is to share the foundations for the development of sustainable activities aimed at enriching the cultural background and awareness among guides, hikers, outdoor lovers and the general public.




Bases for the development of wolf-friendly activities in the field of eco-tourism


- Man - wolf relationship: from legends to protection

- Taxonomy, genetics and morphology

- Evolution

- Historical distribution and recolonization of the western and eastern Alps


- Notes on anatomy

- Physiology outlines

- Outlines of ecology


- Habitat fragmentation

- Hybridization

- Poaching

- Prevention and management

- Regulations

- The wolf as a resource: wolf-friendly eco-tourism


- Ligurian Apennines

- Alps: the LIFE Wolf Alps EU project


- Equipment

- Security

- Reading the environment: trace search techniques

- Knowledge and responsibility: raise people's awareness with the right communication

- Environmental disclosure on board

- Scientific research and eco-tourism:

- Data collection techniques: which are compatible with tourism activities?

- Collaboration with research institutions