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"Beware of the wolf" Bargagli 11-11-2023

Beware of the wolf

Bargagli, 11/11/2023

Dear friends of we are really happy to tell you last Saturday night. The ingredients of the evening: an inland country that has a voice and wanted to hear, passionate people who have managed to organize a busy evening and... A delicious refreshment for everyone at the end of the meeting 😋!

We told only a fragment of what is the whole world of the wolf, in its incredible complexity 🐺.

We have given voice to the problems of those who today must return to manage grazing animals in a conscious way; we have reflected on the indispensable importance today of the ability to coexist between species, on the same planet.

Man’s fear of the wolf, in its current form, is distorted by historical heritage from which it is enough to look up, to understand that our mind can understand much, much more of the nature that surrounds us.

A heartfelt #Thanks to the Pro Loco of Bargagli for the warm welcome, to the Regional Supervision for the participation, especially to Giovanni Maceli and the Dott. Roberto Sobrero for the clear intervention, about the real situation of the return of the wolf to our mountains.

And thanks especially to all participants, who listened and interacted with interest and involvement, to learn to understand that after all...

Of nature we still have much to understand and everything to learn.

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